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Every now and again we find we over-ordered stock, or we have ex-demo stock to get rid of. This is where you'll normally find it... along with Bundles, and other discontinued stock.

Promotional Items

Promotional items including T-Shirts and Hoodies.


The motherboard is the nervous system of your PC. It determines what memory you can use, what processor, what graphics card... if you're mobo isn't up to scratch then it'll bring the rest of your system down with it.

Air Cooling

Watercooling can unfortunately be expensive, so the quickest way to get your processor cooled down is with a good quality heatsink. These should be copper-based, with a highRPM fan. Unfortunately this brings noise into the equation...

Water Cooling

Watercooling is gradually moving out of the underground and into the mainstream with the release of easy-to-install high-performance kits by companies such as DangerDen.

Fans, Guards and Controllers

Whether watercooled or aircooled, all systems still need SOME airflow within the case. Within this section are various sized fans from 40mm to 120mm, adapters, speed controllers, illuminated fans, as well as finger guards and dust filters. The lower you can keep your SYSTEM temp, the lower your CPU temp will be.


There's more to memory than just capacity. When overclocking, the faster you can make the memory run, the better your system will perform. Latest offerings allow you to use 1333MHZ and beyond!


Companies have caught onto the underground modding scene, and so have released cases that are a bit more visually appealing... from colored cases, to shiny aluminium cases for additional cooling performance and decreased weight. In here you'll find a selection of the best, as well as the full range of Mountain Mods U2UFO, Bobslay, H2G0 and Ascension cases.

Modding Accessories

Once you've spent up buying parts for the inside of your case, it's time to work on the outside. CaseModding is the art of giving your PC a visual WOW-Factor, and is fairly simple to do.

Input Devices

Keyboards, Mice, Joysticks, Wheels n' Pads... think that about covers it all!

ATX Power Supplies

The more hardware you put in your PC, the more power you need to run it. If you find constant bluescreens or spontaneous reboots, often a lack of power is the cause... todays PCs require a MINIMUM of 350w.

Miscellaneous Bits

Things to go in your drive bays! Thermometers, Rack adapters, IO Panels and the like.... saves you reachin round the back to plug yer cables in!


The quality of your IDE Cables determines the speed of your data transfer... Many branded systems come with standard DMA33 cables which limit the speed of your Hard Drives when really they should be running on UDMA100/133 cables.

Hard Drives

As downloading movies and music becomes increasingly popular, you find yourself short of anywhere to put them! Yes, CD-R's are an option but you could find yourself going thru 100 discs a week.... time for a new hard-drive my son.

Optical Drives

Again, with downloading becoming the norm, storage is essential. CD's and DVD's are easily avaliale and allow up to 9GB on one disc.


A common problem amongst PC Users is throbbing headaches. This usually due to a poor monitor. High refresh rates & resolutions all club together to give you a sharper clearer image. CRT for those cash aware, TFT for those who want more space on their desk.

Multimedia and Speakers

A soundcard is a soundcard.... or is it? DVD brought about a media revolution and suddenly studio quality speakers are available for PCs... FibreOptic connectors now feature on many cards and mainboards... the difference between a £10 soundcard and a £50 soundcard is easy to tell.

Routers, Switches and Wireless

Broadband and cable are now the norm allowing download speeds of up to 2 Mb/s, better make sure you have the best adaptors avaliable!


Your Operating System defines how your PC runs. Nothing will work without one. The most popular consumer choices are all from Microsoft who have dominated the market for years.

Admins Section

This section contains items for Admin use only - Nothing to see here folks - move along! Heh - seriously, this is the section where we place custom items that aren't usually shown on the Online Store.


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